We're living amidst an explosion of data generation and technological innovation that is unprecedented within known history. And yet, there are important aspects of reality that elude us; if not entirely, then certainly to a frustrating degree. How can we bring it all together? 

This website is all about the question of existence. Who, or what am I? What is this stuff that I see around me all the time, sometimes referred to as matter? Who are all these other living beings, small and big, kind and fierce? Like me, do they have an internal experience of reality? What will truly make us happy, both individually, and on a societal level?

Imagine a framework broad enough to satisfyingly accommodate all the what and why questions. Let's aim big! 

This site is a place for Bhakti Yoga practitioners, who bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse academic fields, to join a wide range of conversations. Leaning on a powerful explanatory unifying principle, Krishna consciousness, the aim is to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and relationships, such that we may contribute to improving the wellbeing of all living beings across the world in a coherent fashion. 

For more information about this and other projects, please refer to https://www.s-pi.org/ .